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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes we get ask good questions. We thought that we would answer them here in care you have the same ones.

How do you choose which properties to list?

We search and contact developers in Miami and speak with them directly about the project. This helps us to identity official domains, contacts and information about the available properties for sale in Miami.

How do you verify official agents for the development?

The same way that we verify projects. We speak with the directly and make sure that the agency or agency is officially representing the development in Miami.

Are you the broker for the developer?

No, we are not the brokers for any of the developments. Nueva Homes provides the information you need to make the first steps in your property buying decision. We provide information and connect you with the right people.

Can I advertise a development in Miami with you?

Yes, you can advertise and list properties and development on Nueva Homes. We do vet each project before we list them to our visitors and we do ask for a lot of updated information on a regular basis so make sure you come prepared.