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We make it easy for you to find all the information you need about new property developments in Miami. No more requesting information and speaking to sales teams before you make a decision.

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Easily search and find your dream home in Miami with easy access to the information you need, floor plans.


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You may not be able to view local developments, and that's ok. We are happy to arrange both virtual tours and in person tours of Miami developments.

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We work directly with the development representatives at source so the time from contacting us to completion is reduced significantly compared to using other services.

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Let’s find you a dream home in Miami

Making it easy to find all the information you need on new property developments in Miami.

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Find new properties for sale in Miami easily.

Nueva Homes helped us find an amazing house for our family”

Try searching for development on Google. You will see many results with similar names, not knowing which site to trust. Nueva makes it easy to gather all the information about the developers, properties available, floor plans and more.

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“There’s nothing out there like Nueva Homes for looking up properties”

If you are anything like me then you don't want to be speaking directly to 10 different relators to get property availability, pricing and plans. Nueva has everything in one place.

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Nueva Homes is the perfect site for finding my new home”

Most property sites in Miami have outdated, confusing information that requires you to contact them for extra and simple information.Nuevahas every about the property in one place, and the team members I spoke to were very friendly.

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